Lovin’ Me Some Crab! Soup that is at 51 Lincoln


Watermellon Soup51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands, MA is a pleasantly modest restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. Never overwhelming, the bar and dining room saw a steady stream of diners on a Thursday night.

I’m sure at least some were there to try the most unique dish I’ve ever encountered – a pan seared watermelon steak. Watermelon! Prepared like a steak! I of course HAD to try it! It’s one of the chef’s specialties and the only dish that’s been on the menu since this restaurant’s inception – and has never left!

After this uncommon and very agreeable appetizer, the savory She-Crab Soup provided just enough kick with its jalapeno seasoning, and just enough heft with its light cream base.

The attentive staff was very accommodating of all my food queries and enthusiastic about their chef’s product. Fresh Maryland crab makes up the base of this soup with the roe (these are the flavorful, orange-colored eggs from the female crab – hence the soup name She-Crab!) creating its pink color.

Overall, this is one tasty and not too filling soup that I would highly recommend to anyone with a craving for some crab!


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