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WhatsTheSoup’s team of passionate and educated soup ambassadors are happy to review  your soup, products, cookbooks and well, anything soup. We are not experts; we simply love all things soup.  Our mission is simply “to connect soup to it’s people” If we accept your product or review assignment and the experience is a positive one we want you to know!

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When we first launched, we conducted a national market study with selected soup purveyors.  We agreed to keep the site a positive one with the aim to sell and expose more soup to the world. Want to share these reviews and recipes with others? We welcome that, but please link back to the original post. As a common courtesy please do not copy and paste text and images onto your website, or disclose information on our site without our knowledge. Kindly, just shoot us an email notifying us where our bowls of soup land. All reviews are subject to the reviewers’ own personal opinion, facts and references. We cannot guarantee our soup recommendations to be appropriate for each person. Please consult a your doctor or nutritionist for their recommendations.