Angele Caron

Born and raised in Maine, soup was a staple in Angele's childhood diet. The cold winter months were warmer with a bowl of something hot. Boston was a little less frigid, but not so much that the soup didn't satisfy. She spent 14 years in this city working in offices and finally as a graphic designer and Photoshop specialist. She enjoyed many of the soups it has to offer in the grand choice of restaurants from Cambridge to the North End - and when asked to join the What's the Soup review team, how could she refuse! She tasted and reviewed the bowl fare at well known and not so visible restaurants in Bean Town, and misses many of those chowders and bisques that are so New England now that she lives in Los Angeles. A 180 degree change of pace for Angele, Los Angeles's lure was the entertainment industry where she is now a stunt woman. She's still working her way into an amazing business, but has already accrued quite the list of credits on IMDB ( To supplement her dream job, she also drives a Town Car and has partnered in a small business providing personal car services. Her company services the greater Los Angeles area, and beyond, for reasonable prices with professional drivers. ( And, even though the weather is geared more toward sushi and sunshine, the soups don't suffer. She's already become known for her soup habit and has taken her soup adventures into Santa Monica and Los Angeles proper. Adding apostrophes to Los Angeles signs around the city, Angele's goal is to live happy and healthy, and always have time to stop for a bowl of something hot.