Elegance in Soup on Boylston – Vlora

ministoneA friend and I recently enjoyed a quiet evening at Vlora Restaurant on
Boylston Street in Boston. Not paying attention, I almost walked past the
stairway that leads to the entrance of this basement establishment, but
was impressed when I got there. The large wooden doors at the bottom of
the stairs provides a grand entrance, and the interior shines with
luxurious elegance.

It was a rainy evening and, seated next to a glass enclosure, we had a
beautiful view of the falling rain. Since the restaurant is below street
level, we also had the pleasure of an open patio rather than sidewalk at
our exposure.

Vlora is owned and operated by Aldo, who is Albanian, and Cindy, who is
Chinese. They’ve combined their culinary sensibilities into one for a
Mediterranean dining experience for all. Being soup lovers themselves,
they take pride in affording healthful choices for their customers.

Three soups were provided for our tasting. The vegetable soup was filled
with peas, carrots, celery and potatoes. The Minestrone was brimming with
orzo pasta and vegetables. Both were created with a tomato base that was
vibrant in color and provided a rich tomato flavor.

My favorite was the chicken soup with a creamy base – yet contained no
cream! All the soups are vegetable based and, any that may appear
to contain cream, are really created with yogurt, or flour as a thickening

agent. This gives all Vlora’s soups a place in one’s healthful diet list -with no sacrifice of taste!

Building on their health conscious theme Vlora offers many vegetarian and
vegan options, as well as an array of meat and seafood dishes for every
palette, and exquisite desserts to top it all off!

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