Lively Soup at Myers & Chang – Boston


On a Tuesday night you’ll find Myers & Chang to be lively. Located in the South End, this funky diner is noticeable by the large red dragon on the window. Serving up Asian fusion feasts – with a personal twist from Chef/Owner Joanne Chang – the aromas wafting about the restaurant makes ones mouth water.

Esti’s Hot & Sour Soup was tangy and full of the expected vegetables, which had a bit of a crunch. It also contained the unexpected in the form of pork meatballs, adding an unusual texture to an otherwise traditional soup.

The Red Kuri Squash Soup was smooth and easy, drizzled with kaffir lime oil, and mixed with Asian spices providing a small amount of kick. Adding a bit of texture, fried pork belly bits were sprinkled on top.


We followed our soup with Myers & Chang’s most popular tea-smoked pork spare ribs. The meat fell right off the bone as our server informed us these were often referred to as “candy.” I washed it all down with a Shanghi Saki Sangria – a twist on the Spanish sangria by adding, you guessed it, saki!


When possible, Myers & Chang uses local ingredients. Sitting at the ‘bar’, we had full view of the kitchen in action and were delighted as Chef Matthew Barros and his team used these fresh fixings to cook up Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes for the hungry crowd.

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