Spoonful of Comfort lives up to its name with Chicken Soup


Got a fresh mail order package of chicken soup from Spoonful of Comfort the other day that arrived on time exactly as promised. First thing I’ve gotta’ say is, WOW! What great packaging – just perfect for the caring “If someone you love is sad, sick or having a bad day, send a little comfort their way” message it’s intended to deliver.
And loving comfort is what it’s all about. Most importantly, the soup comes completely finished in an appropriately cooled and exceptionally safely well-wrapped wide mouthed glass jar. Real glass!

What a great home touch! And though Spoonful of Comfort only makes chicken soup, those giving their gift have the option of including 6 soft white dinner rolls and/or 6 freshly baked chewy oatmeal raisin cookies that travel and taste just as comfortingly good as the soup.  
Right away, you can see in the picture that the soup looks exactly the way you’d hope a warm, loving homemade pot of chicken soup would look. Even better, the flavor and texture of the soup do that picture more than justice. The carrots are sliced thickly just as they’d be sliced at home. They’re gently cooked and add an earthy sweetness to the soup. The chicken pieces are bite sized, tender, flavorful and plentiful. The noodles are wide and soft but not at all mushy. I actually haven’t seen long noodles like these in soup for quite some time and found them to be an appropriately nostalgic touch. Then there’s the broth: clear and seasoned simply with garlic, onion, celery, parsley and a mild touch of salt and pepper.

All together, the soup does exactly what it promises: it provides warm comfort one friendly, soothing spoonful at a time. 
As the website makes touchingly clear, Spoonful of Comfort was inspired by a desire to extend motherly comfort to others in memory of a loving mom lost suddenly to a terrible disease. I love that idea! It’s a great way of keeping not just a memory but a way of life alive – and a real, wholesome comfort you can pass on near or far just when that gentle touch of comfort’s most needed.Spoonful2

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