Summer Soups in New England, Henrietta’s Table

Henrietta 1Chef Peter Davis has a motto: “fresh from the farm and honest-to-goodness New England cooking.” That’s the basis for his restaurant, Henrietta’s Table, a down home New England style restaurant where the last meal of the day is referred to as dinner’s less formal accompaniment – supper. Located in the Charles Hotel in Cambridge’s famous Harvard Square, this restaurant serves up authentic New England fare with an emphasis on local and organically grown ingredients. The staff is friendly and accommodating, adding to the feeling one is enjoying a family dinner in a comfortable New England home. For my meal I enjoyed a glass of wine with, what else, seafood! Scrod with beets on the side made up my entree, and then the soup!

Maine Crab and Corn Chowder was served up in an individual size cast iron pot for some down home emphasis. And it was more like a stew than a chowder, with large chunks of potato and lots of crab! Dedicated to good food and good conscience, Henrietta’s Table is supportive of sustainable agriculture in more ways than one. Their menu is based, not only on what tastes good, but what is local and in season. New England vendors are featured at the Farmer’s Market hosted by Henrietta’s Table and The Charles Hotel, in Charles Square on Fridays and Sundays through the end of November. They also provide products from local farmers at their own Henrietta’s Market, located next to the bar, and support programs to help educate the public about sustainable agriculture. Learn more about Henrietta’s Table and their commitment to sustainable agriculture at their Web site,

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