Romantic Elegance in LA at The Little Door, Mid-City-West

little door -gazpUnfortunately, my California vacation has ended. But, not before I had a chance to experience one of Los Angele’s amazing hidden treasures. Located on West 3rd Street, it would have been easy to miss, had I been leading the way. My accompanying friend knew where we were headed and found the rustic door entrance for our glamorous evening out at The Little Door.

We were seated in the beautifully romantic courtyard with candle lighting and Mediterranean décor. The door theme, as one would expect, was prevalent and tastefully distributed, with a pleasant bubbling fountain and lovely music to set the tone.

Our first course consisted of Peach Gazpacho for my friend and Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup for me. The Gazpacho provided a California twist to the traditional soup with diced peaches. In the center of the soup was an unusual additive – a basil ice cube that melted as the soup was consumed, providing further flavoring. It was splendidly light and refreshing!

The heirloom tomato soup was an amazingly creamy rendition with baked goat cheese placed in the center for additional texture. The heirloom’s distinct flavor came through and the roasted richness enhanced the essence of this summer tradition.

The Little Next Door, serving as a European marketplace and café, is an extension of The Little Door. A bowl of their French Onion Soup was presented to us for tasting. This was a traditional rendition that was crisp and hearty, and a perfect prequel to our entrée – grilled rib eye steak with Sel de Guerande, herbs and cracked black pepper. It was grilled to perfection and just excellent!

This high-end gem is cozy and romantic with amazing flavors, and a wine list to be admired by all! The Little Door is a must for any LA visitor or resident alike.

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