Tory Row, New, Trendy, Hip – and the Food’s Great Too!

Tory RowA visit to the Tory Row Web site will tell you that this restaurant acquired its name from Battle Street’s former identity of the 1770s. At that time, British loyalists populated the area. Today, Tory Row is a hopping place to get great food and beer. Located in the heart of Harvard Square, it’s a happening realm of a different kind!

New to the area, it seems to have caught on fast. They dub their food “euro American” and serve it at family style seating in a lively environment. To add to this trendy scene (perhaps with a touch of irony?) Tory Row has decorated a wall with artwork created by Shepard Fairey, the contemporary street artist and creator of the now famous Obama “HOPE” poster. Above one’s head resides a chalkboard with drawings of beer bottles. Nice work! And then, the bathroom on the right is triangular. Ok, most people would find mention of this unworthy (and my company laughed at my exclamation!) – but I think it’s cool!

As for the food, the sweet corn chowder with bacon was delicious! A nice light summer soup, it was sweet (hence the name) and savory, and contained a slight heft provided by the bacon. And was quite fabulous! To make it a meal, I added a baguette with dried tomato hummus. With a couple of beers to wash it all down, and a good friend across the bar top table, each of us sitting on fashionable bar stools, it was a lovely evening out! Casual and comfortable, lively and fun, with good beer, good food, and a little history and contemporary art mixed in, Tory Row is the perfect place for the young and young at heart!

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