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Chicken Soup Colombian Bread

Recipe for chicken soup, recipe for cheese bread, how do i make cheese bread, easy recipe for chicken soup, simple cheese bread recipe, quick chicken soup recipe…..these are all things we have typed into Google at one point or another.  Normally we get caught up in the usual list of US and UK recipe sites and so I thought I would offer you something different – classic comforting dishes, with a hint of Latin America.  However, if you LOVE soup, the only place you should be looking for soupy recipes is What’s The Soup!

When I was doing research for for All You Knead Is Bread, I was lucky enough to go to Mexico where the food is amazing.  Seriously, whatever you think about Mexican food, if you have never been there, you just have to stop thinking and start saving for a plane ticket.  The food is amazing.  Certain dishes and flavours dominate and you may be surprised to learn that, among these dominant dishes and flavours is hearty soup!  So, without further ado, a recipe for chicken soup inspired by the cooking of Mexico.

Mexican Inspired Chicken Soup with Colombian Cheese Bread

Meal type Cheese, Chicken, Cilantro
Season Fall, Spring, Summer


  • 2 ladles per person Rich chicken stock (To ladle over the soup innards)
  • Colombian cheese bread shaped as (Soup innards)
  • 1/2 per person Ripe avocado, cut into strips (Soup innards)
  • 50 g per person) Room temperature roasted chicken, shredded (Soup innards)
  • 4 per person Good quality tortilla chips (Soup innards)
  • Garnish:
 Coriander - cilantro - 
Crumbled dried chili to taste 
 (Soup innards)
  • Sour cream (Soup innards)
  • Crumbled rather bland, white cheese - a mild feta works
 (Soup innards)
  • Squeeze of lime juice (to taste) (Soup innards)


1 Heat the chicken stock up to REALLY HOT and heat the bowls up too.

2 Put the soup innards into the bowls.

3 Ladle the hot stock over the innards.
 Garnish and eat!
4 Colombian cheese bread shaped as "cut side" buns
 WOW! That could not be easier!
5 Eat with some Colombian Cheese Bread (recipe in All You Knead Is Bread) for maximum yumminess.

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