Soup and Salsa (Dancing that is!) Brazo

Brazo's Homemade Soup

Portsmouth NH’s Latin inspired Brazo Restaurant is sure to impress any pallet. The sage colored soup was very warm and inviting. This uniformly textured soup will leave your taste buds dancing. The delicate balance of savory and spice will warm you from head to toe. Garlic lovers must not miss this upscale twist to a creamy bowl of bliss. Presented with a drizzle of cream, a sprinkle of green onion and dash cayenne, these perfect finishing touches will leave you spooning for more. Brazo’s homemade soup is a proof that warm soup is satisfying all year round.

Served along side the soup was a buttery, toasted crustini. The slice of crispy bread was prefect utensil for dipping. In additional to the crustini, a bread bowl was served with a tangy tomato spread. The chilled spread was a refreshing replacement for butter. And complimented the warm soup perfectly.

Brazo’s earth tone furnishings warranted the warm welcome at the door. Separate dining and bar areas allow guests to enjoy privacy and an intimate dinner setting. The bar area is a great place for after dinner drinks or a fiesta with friends. Brazo is host to a Latin, Cuban or Spanish band the first Friday of every month. Along with their monthly fiesta, Brazo features daily specials from 5-7pm. Mojito Monday, Fish Taco Friday & $5 Caipithinias are just to name a few.

Whether you are a Latin cuisine novice or a Salsa (dancing) connoisseur, Brazo is a hot spot for soup and socializing.


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