Summer Soup Favorites at 29 Newbury – Boston

29 NewburyBoston wouldn’t be Boston without Newbury Street. This popular Back Bay
destination for tourists and locals alike contains some of the best
shopping and eating in the city. While you’re taking in the sights, I
recommend a stop for lunch or dinner, or a drink at the bar at 29 Newbury Restaurant. And, whatever time of day, don’t forget the

With outdoor patio seating you can indulge your people watching
tendencies, or have a seat in their elegant air conditioned dining room,
while enjoying a bowl of New England Clam Chowder or Gazpacho Soup, both
perfect summer favorites and done well by 29 Newbury.

You could think that hot soup on a hot day might not hit the spot, but
that would mean you haven’t tried 29 Newbury’s New England Clam Chowder.

New England is, of course, famous for its clam chowders. You’ll find this
soup on menus at a multitude of restaurants in and around Boston. As a
native of Maine and a long time Boston resident, I usually skip it,
knowing how difficult it is to make a really good clam chowder, and few
are as good as I can make at home with fresh ingredients. 29 Newbury
did this one right. This chowder was thick, creamy, very smooth, and
filled with marvelous flavors. And, even though the temperature of the air
was nearly 90 degrees, the chowder was a perfect summer indulgence that
didn’t feel heavy or over heated. It was just light, fresh and delicious!

The Gazpacho of 29 Newbury was a fantastic surprise! Again, filled with
flavor, this rich cold soup was another perfect summer starter. I could
taste the cucumber, and added to the rich tomato base it was all perfectly
seasoned with a pleasant spicy kick. Even my friend, who generally doesn’t
veer far from the basic chicken noodle, found this Gazpacho a very
enjoyable soup!

As summer favorites it’s wonderful to find both done so well! And, along
with the soups, I tried one of the specials of the day – a roasted
portabella salad, with leafy mescaline and Gorgonzola cheese. It was a
lovely finish to a lovely summer evening meal.

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