Warm Comfort in a Box – Trader Joe’s Organic Butternut Squash Soup

Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Soup

If you’ve read any of my blog reviews, you know I’m an avid biker.  I bike right through the winter as long as there’s no ice or deep snow on the road – at least when I start my ride.  And, I was out not too long ago, just as winter was stretching its frosty, blue fingers to take hold of the Northeast.  It wasn’t quite freezing outside, but I was sure surfing the edge of comfort going out dressed in summer bike shorts.  But, hey, what better way to find out if a soup that’s supposed to be warmly comforting actually meets expectations?

So, as soon as I got back in the door, I poured a good bowl of Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Organic Butternut Squash Soup and zapped it hot in the microwave oven.   The soup came out minutes later looking so inviting; I took my first spoonful before even sitting down.  And, wow, what a softly creamy texture!  Butternut squash is mild in flavor, but I could taste that flavor distinctly.  And, because the soup was low in sodium, the sweetness of the squash came through unaltered by the accompanying light seasoning.

Now, here’s the real beauty of having a prepared soup at home: you can adjust the flavor to meet your taste.  I love bold flavor!  So, while I was still standing at the stove with the spice cupboard right in front of my eyes I started adding some seasoning.  I added a light dusting of both garlic salt and Bayou Cajun Seasoning and a decent shake of ground cinnamon.  Then I added some grated Parmesan cheese (also from Trader Joe’s) and a good squirt of balsamic vinegar.  I stirred it all up, re-zapped it in the microwave and dug back into a much richer and fully satisfying soup.

Bottom line: this soup is pleasantly comforting and flavorful right out of the box and can easily be made to meet your tastes by adding your favorite seasonings.  So, get a box, warm it up and enjoy!

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