Roche Brothers Chicken Rice Vegetable Soup


Those who know me, however, know I’m a big fan of tweaking flavor. And that’s the beauty of bringing soup home. As long as there’s a decent base – and this freshly made soup as it is straight from Roche is certainly much better than decent – you can make it what you want. So I’m gonna’ add some of my favorite ingredients: balsamic vinegar, a little Parmesan cheese and a shot of ground black pepper. Saw a cheery note on Twitter this morning about how we in the Northeast were waking to a gorgeous fall day.  Right on!  I scribed a note back in full agreement, though lamenting a bit I’d be tied to the computer where I am now hopeful to get out for a bike sprint sometime during the day.  And then it struck me – what better, very legitimate excuse to get out than to ride for soup!

Some teacher friends of mine mentioned recently that Roche Brothers grocery stores make excellent soup.  So I swung by on my way home and picked up a bowl-sized container of chicken rice vegetable soup.  As soon as I got home, I poured it in a bowl and fired it up in the microwave.  I just took my first bite and noticed right away how packed with vegetables and full of flavor it is – and not at all salty.

As for the vegetables, it’s loaded with fat carrot pieces, broccoli florets, celery, leak, zucchini, potatoes, corn, green beans, and peas.  And, of course, there are chicken chunks and white rice – all of it swimming in a soothingly satisfying savory broth.  Already, I’ve had half the bowl while having fun figuring out what’s in it, and it’s been excellent spoonful by spoonful.

Now, you can see by the close up picture, I didn’t doctor it too much – just enough to give it a little zip.  And I like how it turned out.  The balsamic added a rich sweet and sour mellowness.  The Parmesan added a little depth.  And a little grind of ground black pepper gave it an ever-so-mild bite.  So, there it is, another excellent source for soup: Roche Brothers chicken vegetable rice soup on the go!

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