Perfect Soup for Early Spring or Any Season for That Matter- Darwin’s, Ltd

Thai Chicken

There’s nothing like early spring in Boston, and on one of the first warm
days of the season, we were off to Darwin’s for lunch! With two locations
in Harvard Square, one on Mt Auburn Street and the other on Cambridge
Street, this popular lunch stop has much to offer!

Serving up some excellent soups, Darwin’s is a deli and cafe also
providing sandwiches, salads, take out or eat in, local bakery items,
coffee, tea, and, at the Mt. Auburn Street location, even wine and beer.
It’s one stop shopping for gourmet goodness!

The soups on the menu on this lovely day were a Thai Chicken and Cream of

The Thai Chicken is a popular choice and for good reason. This soup
surprised my friend who expected nothing so flavorful and hearty. Spiced
with ginger, lemongrass and coconut milk in a chicken broth, the Thai
flavors produced a sweet and tangy delight and the large cuts of
mushrooms, baby corn and chicken disguised this soup as a meal in itself.

For a vegetarian option – also a favorite with Darwin clientele – the
Cream of Endive is divine. A very basic soup with a smooth finish and
subtle flavoring from garlic and endive, it’s tasteful and sedate and a
perfect sandwich accompaniment.

And for an accompaniment, I enjoyed The Brattle, a smoked salmon sandwich
reminiscent of a breakfast bagel. Take note: this was at the Mt. Auburn
Street location that I enjoyed this sandwich. If you want the same thing
at the Cambridge Street location, order yourself The Broadway. The
sandwiches at Darwin’s are named, not for the ingredients, but for the
area streets. This is one local establishment that doesn’t take “local”
for granted.

Any day is a great day to enjoy the offerings of this unconventional deli
and cafe. Even better when the sun is shining and you can grab a seat on a
bench outside. I can’t wait to see what soups are offered up for the rest
of spring!

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