Nothing Like The New England Soup Factory on a Rainy Day

Corn Clam Chowder


For the perfect lunch on a rainy day we headed to the New England Soup Factory in Brookline.  With nine soups on the menu, one can’t go wrong! It’s a lot of choice, and if you can’t decide, ask for a taste. But, no matter what you choose, it will be good!

All of their soups are made fresh every morning on the premises. Owner and Chef Marjorie, and her husband Paul create the homemade flavors. They take great care in providing flavorful comfort soups for all palates.

We started our visit with a taste of all the soups on the menu. Always available are the Chili Con Carne, Clam and Corn Chowder, Lobster Newburg, and, the most popular, Chicken Vegetable. Also very popular is the cool weather seasonal selection of Chicken Pot Pie soup, which is served in a puff pastry to create that pie effect!

Even though I liked all the soups – quite incredible considering the large selection – I had a few favorites. The Yellow Split Pea with roasted red pepper was quite lovely. It contained rosemary and, although I don’t

Usually go for the pea soup, I found this one very satisfying. The most unusual was the Baked Potato and Chive soup, which was fabulous! It was just like extra creamy mashed potatoes with chives, and a hint of horseradish! If you like mashed potatoes, this soup is perfect!

And the Corn and Clam Chowder was superb! I always love good corn chowder, and clam chowder is always a treat. I never would have thought to combine the two, but put them together and the Soup Factory has created one, well-rounded scrumptious chowder! This became my lunch with a half grilled chicken and avocado sandwich, which was also very tasty and, I was told, a patron favorite.

Moderately priced from the eat-in or take-out counter, every bowl of soup is generously portioned for the hungry patron, comes with a roll perfect for dipping, and is piping hot! I love a good piping hot bowl of soup to warm me up on a rainy fall day, and the New England Soup Factory delivered!

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