Sausage & Kale soup

Meal type Celery, Chick Peas, Kale, Potato
Season Fall, Winter


  • 1lb organic sweet pork sausage 
kale - if you like tender kale use organic baby kale, if you like more of a tooth to your kale use any type of full grown organic kale

  • organic potatoes

  • 1 large sweet onion

  • 3 large cloves of garlic

  • organic chicken broth

  • organic celery

  • 1/4 of a lemon

  • splash of white wine
(if wanted)
  • chick peas or white beans


1 Slice the onion lengthwise, chop the sausage into bite size pieces. Chop the garlic.
2 Put the onions and sausage in a pan and sauté' on a low-med heat. You're looking for a little caramelization. add the garlic close to the end. Deglaze the pan with a little broth.
3 Add this mix to the chicken broth.
Dice the potatoes and celery add to broth, bring everything to a bubbling simmer, try not to boil.
4 When the potatoes get soft, add the kale (if you're using full grown kale chiffonade crosswise into thin ribbons and simmer for 10 more minutes, then add a splash of white wine and squeeze and toss in a 1/4 of a lemon.
5 Sometimes I toss in chick peas or white beans if I have them on hand. Good every which way...