Mexican Inspired Chicken Soup with Colombian Cheese Bread

Meal type Cheese, Chicken, Cilantro
Season Fall, Spring, Summer


  • 2 ladles per person Rich chicken stock (To ladle over the soup innards)
  • Colombian cheese bread shaped as (Soup innards)
  • 1/2 per person Ripe avocado, cut into strips (Soup innards)
  • 50 g per person) Room temperature roasted chicken, shredded (Soup innards)
  • 4 per person Good quality tortilla chips (Soup innards)
  • Garnish:
 Coriander - cilantro - 
Crumbled dried chili to taste 
 (Soup innards)
  • Sour cream (Soup innards)
  • Crumbled rather bland, white cheese - a mild feta works
 (Soup innards)
  • Squeeze of lime juice (to taste) (Soup innards)


1 Heat the chicken stock up to REALLY HOT and heat the bowls up too.

2 Put the soup innards into the bowls.

3 Ladle the hot stock over the innards.
 Garnish and eat!
4 Colombian cheese bread shaped as "cut side" buns
 WOW! That could not be easier!
5 Eat with some Colombian Cheese Bread (recipe in All You Knead Is Bread) for maximum yumminess.