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25 Soup Blogs That Will Bowl You Over
There’s nothing like a good soup when you’re tired of eating fast food and at random restaurants. While cooking at home is always easy on the wallet, soups are often packed with a myriad of beans, which means you’re getting even more bang for your buck (and a full tummy too!). These soup blogs show you how to whip up a fabulous pot of soup anytime of year. And remember that many soups freeze well, so feel free to outdo yourself.

Top Soup Blogs

These blogs will show you how to chop and simmer to your heart’s delight for the perfect soup.

1. What’s the Soup This site offers a mix of recipes, soup reviews and tips on where to find the most amazing soups in your immediate area.

2. The Stone Soup This blogger is dedicated to helping you trim your waistline and keep your bank account full by switching to soups for dinner a few nights a week.

3. Savory Soup Recipes Learn how to roast up your veggies before throwing them into the pot and get recipes for everything from potato to broth-based soups.

4. Within the Kitchen This is a cooking blog where the writer has plenty to say about soup, including interesting mixes like a pumpkin apple recipe.

5. Molly’s Soup Blog This blogger shows you the beauty of soups from various cultures, including the scoop on pho and gumbo.

6. Soup Swap At this site, members share and swap soup recipes. Expect classic recipes and new takes on traditional combinations.

7. Cook Like Your Grandmother This site is committed to sharing fresh recipes from scratch (like grandma used to make) and has soup recipes galore, including tips on making your own broth.

8. Food 52 At this blog, foodies chat about new soup ideas and staple recipes that you can cook year round.

9. Soup ‘n Bread If you’re a fan of this meal combination, you’ll love this blog for ideas on how to take your soup ‘n bread to the next level.

10. Tasty Kitchen If you’re new to cooking up soups, this site has easy recipes that anyone can follow and get right the first time around.
 11. Simply Soups This site focuses on fresh ingredients and features a different recipe every day. There are simple recipes, but there are also more gourmet-savvy recipes for those who want to push the boundaries of soup (wild!).

12. Simply Recipes At this site you’ll find a mix of soups and stews, along with other simple recipes. We love the black bean soup and dad’s fish stew, which are both fabulous no matter what time of the year it is.

13. Sandy and Sue Here real people share their favorite soup recipes and others offer ideas for tweaking the recipe, in case you don’t have all of the ingredients on hand.

14. Cooks Recipes – Soup If you’re looking for something light and simple or a hearty soup that can stand up to seriously cold weather, this food blog has recipes for them all.

15. CopyKat Have you ever noticed that soups from a restaurant are so darn tasty compared to the bland recipes you might be making at home? Now you can re-create those recipes with the help of this site that has loads of soup and stew recipes from your favorite national restaurants.

Top Gumbo Blogs

 Gumbo is one soup that every cook wants to perfect. If you’re from the South, you may already be familiar with this soup and if not, learn all about the spicy concoction you’re been missing out on.

16. Gumbo Cooking Blog This blog has everything you need to know about making the perfect gumbo with just enough kick to it.

17. Gumbo City If you’re already well acquainted with gumbo, check out this gumbo blog for new spins on the classic Cajun dish.

18. About Southern Food – Gumbo Get the gumbo recipes that will wow a crowd from this About food blog.

 Top Chili Blogs

 Making up a pot of chili is always a winner, no matter who you’re entertaining. Here are the blogs that will teach you how to simmer to perfection.

19. Chili Cooks If you’re looking for an ultra spicy recipe or a veggie recipe you can serve for the big game, this site has plenty of chili recipes to choose from.

20. Good Chili Recipe This site has chili recipes from all over the globe, so no matter what your taste is, there’s a little something for everyone.

21. Pepper Fool If you’re in the mood for major flavor in your chili, this site shows you how to maneuver spices and peppers so your chili comes out loaded with zing.

22. Chili Every Way Vegetarians will love this blog that has plenty of veggie chili recipes for you to try every day of the week.

 Soup Blogs

 Here are a few more soup blogs to help you with ideas to make your favorite soups a little more interesting.

23. The Soup Recipe Site This site is packed with easy recipes, including a variety of tomato and cabbage soup recipes.

24. Healthy Soup Recipe Learn how to reduce the salt in your soups without forgoing major flavor.

25. A Crock Cook If you’re just starting to get familiar with the kitchen, the crock pot is the way to go. Check out this site for plenty of soup recipes that will practically cook themselves.
 Soups are a great way to watch your weight and have something pre-prepared for those long work days when you get home and want a meal that’s easy to warm up. Cook soup, gumbo or chili in bulk and freeze them in single serving containers or a large plastic bowl so you always have a healthy, accessible meal ready to go.

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