Serena Norr


Hi, My name is Serena and I started Seriously Soupy in 2009 for two reasons. I was doing a lot juggling — not as a circus performer but as a stay-at-home mom/freelance writer/editor and found myself drained; not only from being tired but drained from not having my own creative writing outlet. At the same time, I was making a lot of soup (about once a week), but I found myself making the same three or four recipes — generally lentil, mixed bean, split pea, butternut squash — and I decided why not try to learn more about soups and soup-making by having a website completely devoted to soups. The title itself was inspired by how I inevitability talk now thanks to life with a toddler (would you like soupy?) that seemed to fit perfectly with Seriously. As I am learning more about soups, it is so exciting that so many of you share in my excitement and love soup just as much as me. Since the beginning I have made one soup every week (sometimes two) and thanks to some amazing contributors this now includes a diverse collection of soup recipes. The website also includes articles about soup, links from other soup recipes/bloggers, book reviews, soup reviews from famous chefs and much more! All soups on Seriously Soupy, unless are wise noted, are my own. If the soups on Seriously Soupy look familiar — eg. lentil soup — they are my version/take on a soup, thus a recipe is never used and all soups are 100 percent homemade. Additionally, all recipes on Soupy are approximations since I generally don’t measure my ingredients. I think soup-making is ideal for non-measures because you can taste-as-go; adding what you think is right for your particular soup. There is no right or wrong with making soup — meaning you cook with your intuition in check. I’m sure others may beg to differ… If you have any ideas for new soup, a book or piece of equipment (soup-related) you would like me to review, an event covered in NYC, or would like to contribute to Soupy, I would love to hear from you. I also guest blog and contribute to other food, parenting, and lifestyle websites. When I am not making soups, I can be found blogging/writing on my other site – Mama Goes Natural or on Momtrends where I am the Managing Editor. I am also the Brooklyn Community Manager at Red Rover, and I contribute to, Parents, The Huffington Post, and