David Reiffel




I'm a freelance composer and sound designer for theater--which means I create musicals, operas, incidental music, weird techno soundscapes, whatever the moment requires, at theaters in Boston and around the US. I also write plays and lyrics, and do graphic design. I'm originally from Chicago, which is where I tasted my first kreplach soup (nobody since has done it as well as the sadly defunct Unique Restaurant on 53rd Street). I love improvising my way through situations, and that's probably why I love soup so much: it's a robust medium for experimentation that rewards adventurous reinterpretation. Which is to say I can put just about whatever I damn please into the pot and it stands a chance of tasting good. I moved to Boston to attend college and stayed, eventually landing in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood with plenty of variety both in food and people. In the warm months, you can find me stalking the next bowl of gazpacho. This winter I'm planning on recreating, at last, the beef and lentil soup my mother made--once!--that still haunts me.