Tending To Your Cravings at Tender Greens, CA

TendergreensThere’s this place I’ve seen around town. There is one on Sunset, one in Santa Monica – and I saw one out in Pasadena the other day, too. It’s called Tender Greens. I knew they served food, and I was curious, but never made it into one of these establishments …  that is, until this week. And now I know what I’m missing.

Someone described this restaurant to me as fast food for the healthy conscious. And, their philosophy of “slow food done fast” is certainly true. But, the flavor of their food makes this place feel closer to eating at home with someone else doing the cooking. Someone who really knows how to cook. Fast.

The setting crosses between a counter cafe and a restaurant – casual atmosphere with friendly service – comfortable with an urban flair. And everything, where possible, is created from recycled and environmentally friendly materials and products.

With established relationships, local and organic produce is a win for everyone. Close to home, these fresh veggies and free range meats get into the food and take on a life of their own. In a good way. It all melds into their clear choice of eco-conscience design with community support.

Let’s break it down.

Tender : the care given to food and commitment to community. The way each chef approaches food and how each restaurant is run. A philosophy for all life – healthy and conscientious.

Greens : what’s for lunch. Or dinner. Along with a little beef or chicken. Maybe some fish.

Oh, and do they have soup? Yes, indeed they do! Chicken and Tomato are mainstays in every household and Tender Greens creates these soup options – and they make you feel right at home. Fresh and crisp with that homemade touch – i.e.: lacking in any additional sodium or sugar or preservatives or whatever else it is that often accompanies foods of the “fast” variety.

ButternutTenderGreensThere are always daily specials created based on currently available local produce and meats, with vegetarian and vegan options always on the menu. Everything provides melt-in-your-mouth pleasure – like the current butternut squash soup that made me feel like it was Thanksgiving Day. And prompted me to ask if they do a Thanksgiving meal, it being that time of the year. Alas, they do not. But, I may just order up a quart to take home the day before for heating and eating with some turkey!

Besides these delicious soups, a full menu of salads, sandwiches and hot dishes are always on order, all with the same fresh and local ingredients to create crisp and healthy – and delicious – meals at affordable prices. We tried the mushroom fries – no grease! – and the catfish with cold white bean salad, with a mini loaf of pumpkin bread for dessert. I recommend them all!


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