Tara Bostock




You might consider me to be the truest Washingtonian around. I have spent 25 years of my life either in Seattle, Washington, or Washington, DC. Born and raised in Seattle, I couldn't get enough of clam chowder, pho, and my mom's split pea soup. Living in Washington, DC, for the last 5 years, I have explored Ukrainian borscht, the legendary Ben's Chili Bowl, and the new frontier of soup--delivery. I have a wide-ranging background that covers science, health care, writing, editing, and design. For the last 5 years, I’ve been an editor at a national health care advocacy organization, Families USA, which played a critical role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act. During my time there, I developed an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of health care policy, and my passion for health-related work grew. I'm attending University of Washington to get a master of public health to continue this important work, which brings me back to my original Washington. But whatever city is my home, whatever restaurant landscape I get to explore, nothing hits the spot better than a big bowl of soup.