Rebecca Emberley

I write and illustrate children's books, and have been doing that for many years. I like to do lots of other arty things. My current interest is silk screening, I sew, I do graphic design work, and this year I even dabbled in music production. I have lived in many places and love to travel, it keeps my perspective fresh. I like to learn how other people live. My daughter, Adrian Emberley, is an amazing singer songwriter and works with me sometimes, writing children’s music - my husband, Peter Black, is also a singer songwriter. My father is Ed Emberley, children's book illustrating icon. My brother, Michael Emberley, is also a legendary children's book illustrator and my sister in law, Marie Louise Fitzpatrick, is a decorated children's book author illustrator from Ireland. I am currently expanding into licensing images from my artwork. I make soup with whatever I may find.