Hillary Harding-Cronin


Hi, my name is Hillary Harding Cronin and I’m a dabbler. I dabble in food, entertaining, interior design. I like to think I’m creative but I think I’m just obsessed. Obsessed with the delicious, the fun and beautiful things in life. My formative days working along side my mom for every holiday meal and countless parties she threw was undoubtedly the blueprint of what was to come in my life. She still ranks as the top entertainer ever, just ask anyone who knew her! The edible fervor grew being at the front of the house at The Southern Cross in Newport, RI, the hot spot on Thames my Dad owned with the two fun loving and talented Aussies, Bob Fuller & Peter DeCaux. Those were the days! In the years since I have catered friends celebrations & art openings, was ringmaster at copious parties at our home and have helped friends & family make their HQ (HomeQuarters) a happier place to nest. All in all, I like to think of myself as a quasi connoisseur of bits of the every day that make life a little tastier and a dreamer of all things delicious and delightful. Stay tuned for a line of “FRESH HILLS” scrumptious foodstuff coming to a party near you!